Something valuable


There are things that I have had in my life that have been privileges that have allowed me to get where I am and other people getting to the same part have same spot who have to work a lot harder and it’s not fair.

I have a daughter and a son and I don’t want them to come up in an industry where my daughter has to work harder than my son where she’s going to be second-guessed, so the fact that I’m white and I’m male and I’m heterosexual and I’m an American and I’m employed and I’m educated. Those are my privileges. So I’m simply talking about myself to say we need to be aware of our own privileges so that we can be more empathetic of other people that have a more difficult path to get to the same spot.

I don’t have a solution to the problems, but I know it starts with talking about it more and I would like for each of you to take a challenge away from this to ask yourselves what is my privilege, what is my story and what is my priviledge and talk about it more. So I am given an opportunity to say it and I think we need to declare out privilege.